Monday, 18 February 2008

'You Make My Day'

How amazed was I, when I received this wonderful award from Cynthia at 'Rainbow Lady', and would like to say a massive thankyou Cynthia for this amazing honour. For little old me who has only been crafting for less than 6 months and started making my first batch of Christmas cards last year and got hooked, I am overwhelmed by this award.

I too have so many of you that are an inspiration to me, and would love it pass it to you all, but Im told I can only pass to 5 (sorry!!!)

(I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to just have your 'name' only as a link without putting in your blog address) I'll adjust post once I know how.

So here's to you ladies:

Cynthia for making my day yesterday, for your wonderful creations and for all your help.

Dawn who has been my inspiraton from the begining and who's work continues to inspire me every day, and for her friendship she has given me in the time I have known her.

Leann who's creations are fabulous and who always makes me smile.

Marlou who visits my blog often and leaves such beautiful comments that brighten my day, and who's work is also fabulous.

Andrea's another regular to my blog who always makes me smile with her kind comments, and who's works is the cutiest ever.

To all you ladies, thankyou all for your inspiration and for always making me smile :-) xx

This is what you five ladies should do next should you agree to participate (no obligations of course) :-
1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs you find of interest and that inspire you.
2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3) Display the logo 'You make my day'
4) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Have a great day everyone :-) x


  1. Arrr thankyou so much tracie you always make my day xxxx
    please bear with me though puting it on lolxxx

  2. Aaaaw, thank you honey! You just made my day too :)
    x x x

  3. awwww, thank you so much TraceyJane!!! im very honoured thanks so much!!! you have just made my day :) x

  4. Thank you for the award, you cheered up my evening

  5. Hi Tracijayne,
    Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments...Can`t wait to share more of your beautiful creations:)x

  6. CONGRATS on your award!!



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