Saturday, 15 August 2009

Molly & Lucy

Hi everyone, hope your enjoying the weekend... I have no cards to show you yet today but should be back tomorrow with my PB & SS cards... been a bit busy this past week and that's due to our 2 little babies .... well puppies really... and here they are......

Molly & Lucy

Here they are playing the garden this evening... I can't believe they've been with us a week already, how the time flys and its been a pretty manic week too. They're 13 weeks old and can be little minxies sometimes... Molly (on the left) is a little smaller then her sister Lucy (on the right).. but knows how to stick up for herself as Lucy can be a little bully sometimes... but playful with it.... and so adorable too.

I feel like a proud mamma... ok I know they not children but I dont have any of them myself so these are my little babies... and just as much of a handful at times.
Im so pleased we decided to get them both as they are so much company for each other and have so much fun playing in the garden together.

Well I best get going.. I hear them calling for their dinner.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend



  1. Oh my goodness Tracie your babies are just too adorable for words!
    Such beautiful colours and how lovely that they can play and be friends with each other.
    Have a wonderful time with them they are just going to love you so much!
    kim x

  2. Tracie, those are baby and they are CUTE!!! I also have two babies but they are old babies. LOL....
    Have fun with them.. hugs janny

  3. what adorable babies ~ these little girls are going to give you so much joy and fun!!
    how lovely you have given them a home together!!
    vanessa xx

  4. YIPPEE those twins of yours are gorgeouss :) And you can be a MOM to your twins :) I am SAHM to Seven our English Cocker Spaniel :) hahahhaha

    hugss Ria

  5. awww they're very cute! Thanks for sharing your pics. I love to see others pics its nice to get an idea about other people as well as the crafting. Makes you feel more like friends dont you think?

    Hugs HElen x

  6. Oh they look adorable and but they're fun to watch.

  7. OMG they are so cute! Hope you have some furniture left and that they dont chomp through it.

  8. Oh Tracie, they are absolutely've certainly got your hands full..double trouble!
    Carole x


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