Friday, 23 May 2008

Circle of Friends + You Rock My Socks

OMG - 3 awards in two days - how great overwhelmed am I !!

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - I recieved this great award from my very good friend Tracy, who does some fabulous work, so go check out her blog, shes a very talented lady. Thankyou Tracy you made my day.

So now I have to pass this onto 3 people, which is always very difficult as there are so many of you. But here they my are: Dawny Maddie + Jacqui

YOU ROCK MY SOCKS - I received this great award from Jacqui who works is fabulous so go visit her blog - Thanks Jacqui you made my day again.

Now I have to pass this fabulous award on and here are my 3 very talented ladies - Tracy, Michelle + Cynthia

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. ahh thank you Tracie - it is sooo cool that one. I loves it xxxx


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