Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter Wonderland here in London

Morning everyone....well we woke up to SNOW this morning...which was no surprise as it started last night around 9pm. The kids were excited as they thought...yeah - NO SCHOOL..but I think I was more excited then them.
And here's Molly & Lucy exploring in the garden this morning at 7am...oh how excited they were too.... they just walked out when I took this picture of them....and as soon as they got out there they were running round the garden like loonies...and what a nightmare trying to get them to come they were worse than the kids.

And here's more picture of the garden at 8.30am
no chance of capturing the pups as they were playing and running to quick for me to get a picture of them

Well thankfully Im off work today, so time to get those Christmas cards finished...Im so behind and am sure Im not the only one....I must get more organised next year.

Have a lovely day everyone and keep safe.


  1. Oh Tracie, you are sooo lucky ! I would love some snow just now!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Big Hugs

  2. Oh Tracie, Beautiful photos.... I love to look at the snow..Just don't really like to live in it. But I so miss it for CHristmas time.
    hugs, Janiel

  3. Truly loved the pictures of your garden, snow makes a beautiful scenry. We are getting up to 15 inches this Christmas eve so not many traveling in Iowa Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you & yours


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